The authentic mindset


In the world of sports today, winning is all about gaining a competitive edge. In order to establish this edge, some athletes focus their attention on their physical bodies. They solicit the expertise of nutritionists, trainers, medical professionals, and the latest technology to ensure they’re functioning and performing at their peak. Other athletes emphasize the mental aspects of their sport. They’ll work one-on-one with sport psychologists, psychiatrists, and even meditation practitioners to enhance mindset and focus. And while all of these resources are extremely valuable in creating an athletic advantage, there is still a key area that is almost always ignored: the authenticity of the athlete.


The authentic athlete knows their values. They understand their feelings and they surround themselves with people that inspire and excite them. They are very clear about their goals and they chase them with fire. Their palpable truth earns them the respect and trust of their coaches and teammates. Their happiness and positivity are contagious, naturally lifting the energy and enhancing the performance of those around them. Living and playing genuinely offers them the opportunity to deeply connect to their intuition and discover their unique genius. It is these athletes who not only find the ultimate edge over their opponents, but also the courage and clarity to flourish in all aspects of life.


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